Contour ROAM3 Giveaway Every Month

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CONTOUR Australia is doing another ROAM3 GIVEAWAY!

We are giving away one ROAM3 CAMERA EVERY MONTH for as long as we can.

Here's how you can enter:

Simply comment on this post describing WHAT WOULD YOU USE YOUR NEW ROAM3 FOR? and we will announce one LUCKY winner at the end of each month!

Be sure to like our page to keep posted on competition updates & announcements. Good luck!

Contour Flies into Stratosphere

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Contour Australia were proud to sponsor the weather balloon project conducted by Queensland University of Technology's Electrical Engineering Student Society, giving us a peek into space using high-tech weather balloon and a Contour ROAM3 camera.

Electrical engineering students launched the device - with cameras, tracking devices, a Geiger counter and an accelerometer attached - from the cricket grounds on Sunday.

Project leader Deyan Zafirov said he hoped the data gathered would provide a picture of the earth's general environment.

"We are investigating the planet's environment to see if we can notice patterns and how these may relate to other data," he said.

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'One Perfect Day' Australian Bass Kayak Fishing with Contour

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Shot 100% with a Contour camera, Blade Kayak Fishing Journal writer, Dave Brace, shows us how to catch Australian Bass on the Sunshine Coast hinterland at Baroon Pocket Dam in the Summer of 2015. Dave mounts his Contour camera on this fishing rod, in his kayak and takes it underwater, presenting us with an astonishing and engaging fishing adventure.

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Contour Granted Meaningful New Patents Covering Wireless Connectivity

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PROVO, Utah, Jan. 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Contour, LLC today announced that it has added two meaningful patents to its already robust portfolio of utility and design patents and patent applications.

The company’s recent receipt from the United States Patent Office of two wireless connectivity patents further solidifies Contour’s place as a leader in the fast growing segment of action camera consumer electronics, which it has helped to pioneer since 2004. Contour has been an innovator of ‘firsts’ in many critical action camera categories including: first with 1080p HD; built-in GPS; wireless connectivity to a remote device such as a smartphone; rotating lens; and one touch instant-on, which enables nearly double the battery life of many other action cameras.

The newest patents relating to Contour’s wireless connectivity are U.S. Patent Nos. 8,890,954 and 8,896,694.

“Contour is and continues to be an innovator. Now we are able to marry our innovations with issued patent protection. This adds further validation to our inventions and most significantly, will allow us to more fully capitalize on these innovations,” said James Harrison, Chief Executive Officer of Contour.

A substantial portion of the current action camera market utilizes wireless connectivity between the camera and a remote/mobile device to preview and control what is being recorded.

Contour’s management anticipates that these patent rights present a significant opportunity for Contour and will significantly increase the revenue and enterprise value of the organization. “Certainly, one would have to maximize the value of such a key feature as wireless connectively inherent to these patents. Most action camera makers charge an average premium of $60-$70 for that feature alone,” stated Ken Kaufman, President of Contour.

Bracey's Big Barra Adventure with Contour

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Blade Kayak Fishing Journal regular writer, Dave Brace, shows us how to catch big impoundment Barra from his kayak. Tackle, techniques and other useful information is all provided in this video along with watching Dave land a 120(+)cm trophy fish.

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CONTOUR has joined forces with one of the bike industry’s most revered riders. Cam Zink, known for his highflying, freeride stunts and technical downhill prowess, will utilize CONTOUR’s intuitively designed cameras to capture his adrenaline-fueled descents.

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Win a ContourROAM3!

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We are pleased to announce the ContourROAM3 and we are giving you the chance to win a ROAM3.

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